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All the details, as of today, can be found under the ``recreational registrations`` tab.

There are only a few places left. We are studying the option of opening new groups.

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About Club Équilibrix

Club Equilibrix offers gymnastics, trampoline and acrobatic floor (tumbling) programs for everyone, from the time children take their first steps. The Club stands out for the popularity of its birthday packages and corporate activities , and its pre-school and school groups. Its day camps and the diversity of its services, activities and resources make us everyone’s number one choice.

Club Équilibrix  is a member of the Federation of Gymnastics of Quebec and Gymnastics Canada, and one of the few clubs in Quebec totally managed by qualified specialists. Its objective-oriented management has earned it recognition as one of the most promising organizations in the province.

Our mission and our fundamental values guide our daily work and guide our daily interventions with each of our members.


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Our mission is to become without a doubt, the benchmark for clubs at the provincial level and an important player on the national scene through our excellence and our social involvement in our community.

Our certified coaches, our dynamic instructors and our professional administrative team are committed to ensuring an environment conducive to healthy growth, maximum development and optimal development on the physiological, psychological and social levels for for each one of our members. Whether in the exploratory, recreational or competitive branches, our priority remains the well-being of the individual through the practice of physical activity and its continual development.

Fundamental values

We wish to be inspirers and leaders by the importance that we attach to these values.


Guarantee a safe and secure environment, a source of trust and reliability. It is on this solid basis, that members will be able to draw everything they need to then increase their own self-confidence towards success and feel supported in their full development.


Provide an environment of deep respect, equality, ethics and honesty in our relationships with and among our members.


Offer a high quality service which is the result of a constant search for know-how, progress and excellence. Through our continual improvement, advocate the example of perseverance and the quest towards the achievement of our objectives.

Offer a recreational sector, based on leisure and  non-competitiveness in which each participant can evolve and develop at their own pace, and be motivated by a structured framework which objective is essentially a progression of all aspects, emotional, physical and social.

In addition to guaranteeing a place for each participant, measuring up to their needs, our leadership translates into a conquest of perfection in the development of gymnasts with a view to participating in regional, provincial, and of course national-level competitions, with the ultimate goal of reaching the top level and the international stage.


Promote the enrichment of the body and the mind through the practice of a leisure activity, a passion and physical activity. Strive to make a difference in our society by emphasizing the importance of a balanced, healthy living.

Parent's Place

At Club Équilibrix, we value greatly the involvement and support of all parents in the development of our athletes. We have implemented a decision-making and learning system that is free from favoritism and focused on the betterment for the individual. We focus our efforts on the most effective and direct communication between the coach and the parent, thus allowing a more personalized and efficient follow-up. We believe that at its base, the development of the athlete rests on the confidence and the healthy relation of the trio: parents – trainer – gymnast. The Club is only there to support this important triangle.

Each year, several family members lend a helping hand and thus show their gratitude and satisfaction with the work of our team. At Équilibrix, there is no compulsory contribution in terms of time or funding, nor a parents’ committee. All parents that wish to participate and lend a hand during our various events or activities are always welcome. This simple gesture is a great sign of support and consideration for their own children … a great way to show them your unconditional support in the pursuit of their dreams.


1346, 1ère avenue Ste-Catherine, QC J5C 1C5